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Common Questions

Your first visit

It is my practice to have the first session free of charge. During the first session I will invite you to tell me about yourself: what motivates you to seek help at this time, how do you hope therapy will help, about your history from your childhood to the present day, life transitions, and meaningful relationships. This will help me understand what you are facing through the lens of your life experience. You will have a sense of how I practice from the way I ask questions and make comments and you can decide if we will continue to work together. I will explain confidentiality limitations, implications and limitations of video/phone counseling, fees (amount, how to make payments) and policies regarding missed appointments.

Online/ virtual therapy

Online/ video/ teletherapy/ e-therapy are ways in which we describe the use of technology in providing psychotherapy services. All professional colleges that regulate psychotherapy service providers have standards when it comes to using of technology. These regulations range from protecting your personal information to professional liability insurance. I follow the OASWSSW’s regulations. For the past three months, our lives have changed in many regards including to the ability to access psychotherapy services in person. Virtual therapy is allowing you to access support when you need it. I am currently using technology (phone and video sessions) and I have attended training to understand ethical and practical considerations in video counselling. I will give you more information on our first session.

Service Fees

My fees vary and they are based on individual clients’ circumstances. This will be discussed during the first appointment. Most private insurance providers cover psychotherapy provided by a Registered Social Worker, and you can directly inquire with your provider whether my services are covered under your plan.

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